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I currently reside in the city of Leicester in the United Kingdom where I am Doctoral Candidate at the University of Leicester in Media Communications. My research focuses on amateur digital self-portraits shared on social media or, ‘Selfies’. Specifically I want to understand how individuals marginalised within the commoditised and hegemonic visual rhetoric in society, engage with and distribute selfies. I'm interested in instances of activism and transformation, or so called ' empowerment. I plan to look at selfie performativity and production within groups who identify as marginalised or alternative, using a combination of netnography methods with photo-elictation.
I earned a BFA from the Kansas City Art Institute in Experimental Media and a MSc from the University of Hull in Digital Media where, using the Uncanny Valley as a methodology, I examined the perception of realistic skin texture within digital photo post-production.
As a seasoned Creative Professional I have extensive experience in digital web content creation, web design , photography, video art, motion graphics and digital art. My work has been exhibited, broadcast and screened internationally.